Franchise Agreement & Litigation Lawyer

Deirdre is a leading expert on franchise law in New Zealand. As a highly respected franchise lawyer,  she acts on behalf of both franchisees and franchisors alike and believes this gives her an invaluable and unique perspective into both sides of the franchise relationship. She is Vice Chair of the New Zealand Franchise Association, a regularly sought out speaker and writer and a lecturer at Auckland University on Franchise Law. She advises on a wide range of matters related to franchising and licensing, including:

  • Breach notices and termination of franchise agreements
  • Restraint of trade clauses
  • Fair Trading Act and misrepresentation claims
  • Good faith in franchise agreements
  • Post termination enforcement and issues
  • Compliance issues, including legislation compliance
  • Franchise agreements
  • Complaints against members of the Franchise Association of New Zealand
  • Mediation, arbitration or litigation of franchise disputes
  • Processes and strategic advice

Deirdre is particularly sought out for complicated or difficult franchise matters and has been successful in satisfactorily resolving even the most difficult of cases.